Shin Ultraman

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“By God, is it bold.”


“Come for the epic ass kickings, stay for the giant monsters ”

Austin Chronicles

“You’ll have a great time with Shin Ultraman.”


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Shin Ultraman - Poster

Is humanity to die?

With the emergence of giant, violent monsters known as “S-Class Species,” the Japanese government has formed the SSSP to study and formulate how to defeat them. During one such monster attack, the SSSP is shocked to gain a new ally in their fight against the monsters: a silent silver giant who they name “Ultraman.” Yet, what are Ultraman’s true goals? Why is he helping humanity against the monsters? And how does this all connect with SSSP veteran Shinji Kaminaga and his sudden personality shift after rescuing a child during Ultraman’s first appearance?

Rating: PG

Mild themes | Runtime: 91mins

Shin Ultraman - Poster