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If only I could return to that moment...

One summer day in a sea side town, two students, Norimichi and Yusuke, meet their crush, Nazuna at the pool. The boys have a swimming race to impress Nazuna. Norimichi loses, but finds a mysterious ball in the water. Yusuke wins, and is asked by Nazuna to go watch the fireworks together. While the boys argue whether fireworks are round or flat when viewed sideways, Nazuna tells Norimichi she was going to ask out whoever won the match. However, her true aim was to run away and “elope” with the winner, to get away from her mother’s remarriage.

Nazuna, in front of Norimichi’s eyes, resists her mother’s orders. Norimichi, powerlessly watches the situation, unable to help. “If only I’d won the race…” Irritated, Norimichi throws the ball he found in the water, and then… He finds himself back in the moment of the race. With that day repeating over and over again, what answers will Nazuna and Norimuchi find? And, are fireworks round or flat when viewed sideways?

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