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This time for sure, I will kill my king with my own hands...

Jerusalem, 1273 A.D. Here, both the wandering knight, Bedivere, and Chaldea’s own expedition find the Sixth Singularity. The residents of this desolate land have been driven from their homes as three opposing powers battle for control of the land.

Bedivere and company seek the help of the Mountain People to rise up against the Lion King and the Knights of the Round Table and combat their slaughter of innocents. After a deadly struggle and the loss of a dear friend, the group approaches Ozymandias, the Sun King, whose incredible power could help them turn the tables. In the halls of this great pharaoh, they desperately seek an alliance. Ozymandias, however, reveals the Lion King’s plans and refuses to assist in foiling them, instead wishing to protect his own people.

Shaken to their core by the revelation of the Lion King’s true intentions, Bedivere and the Chaldean expedition decide to mount an attack on Camelot itself, hoping to put an end to the Lion King’s schemes.

At last, the day of the final battle in the Holy City arrives.

What are the true intentions of the Lion King, who has become so cold-blooded and diabolical?

How can humanity be saved from a world where ruin has been already promised?

What will become of Bedivere after shouldering the burden of a sin that can never be pardoned?

This most melancholy and beautiful Fate finally comes to its conclusion.

Australian Locations

Unfortunately due to screen availability, there will not be any further additional screenings of the film.

About Fate

Fate/stay night was originally released in 2004 by TYPE-MOON as a Windows PC visual novel, spawning the Fate series, which became known for its epic universe and dense storylines that have captivated fans worldwide.
One of the most successful incarnations of the series is Fate/Grand Order, a mobile game released in Japan in 2015, now boasting over 42 million downloads globally.
Even now, the Fate universe continues to expand!

Kinoko Nasu, who supervises the scenario writing of Fate/Grand Order, penned the story for the Sixth Singularity, one of the most popular chapters, which has been adapted into the first animated feature film based on Fate/Grand Order.

Camelot is central to the game’s overarching story, and the film brings its exquisite beauty and tragedy to life.
With a well-balanced team of newcomers and veterans, the first and second halves of the film will be directed by Kei Suezawa and Kazuto Arai respectively. Mieko Hosoi, Kazuchika Kise, and Nakaya Onsen will handle the character design for both parts of the film. SIGNAL MD and Production I.G will be creating the animation for both halves of the film.

A new story unfolds, bringing hearts together.

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