Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution Movie 1

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Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution Movie 1

About The Film

Eureka Seven tells the story of a young boy named Renton, whose life just plain sucks. That is until a giant robot crashes into his house. Piloted by a girl named Eureka, this encounter will lead Renton to be pursued by the military and pulled into a web of drama, intrigue, and non-stop action. Renton’s time for daydreaming is over.

Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution is a retelling of the original series, but also focuses on the catastrophic event known as “The First Summer of Love”, which takes place 10 years before the events original anime series but was never depicted in full. Animated by acclaimed studio Bones (Fullmetal Alchemist, Noragami, Soul Eater).

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In Cinemas For a Strictly Limited Season

Limited Edition Film Strip for all attendees while stocks last. These will be distributed on a first come first serve basis at each cinema with a proof of purchase. Please present your ticket physical or your phone to a box office staff to receive 1 for each ticket purchased while stocks last.

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